Thursday, May 27, 2010

Humble Area First Baptist Church, TX- Urarina People

A team from Humble Area First Baptist Church, TX will be taking their first official trip to the Urarina People group after officially adopting them earlier this year. Please pray for the team (Rick W., Rickey, Richard, Ben, Brian & Courtney). Also assisting FBC- Humble with this trip doing house to house medical visits is a team from First Baptist Madison (Rick D, Aaron, Brandy, Samantha, Lisa, Don & Walter).

The Urarina people are a remote people group located southwest of Iquitos in the jungles of northern Peru. Out of the twenty some odd villages located off the Maranon River that the team will be visiting, there are only less than 10 believers there.

Pray for good relationships to be established amongst the teams & the Urarina. Ask for safety as they will be traveling a long way by boat to reach the Urarina. Pray that God will be glorified in and through the house to house medical visits. That both spiritual and physical healing will result from this trip.

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