Thursday, May 27, 2010


These past couple of weeks, a group of students from Ole Miss University had the opportunity to minister to the village of Chirani in the high jungles of Peru. They were able to hold women's Bible studies in the afternoons, men's Bible studies in the mornings, and a daily evening service for the whole village. They spent their days with the people working in their fields, helping them cook, teaching English and sharing Christ's love with those sweet people. It is very evident that God is working in the hearts of these people. They were eager each day to hear from the Word and ask questions about what they didn't understand.
Please pray for the people in the village, that they will continue to seek the Lord, and God will give them understanding.
Pray specifically for Richard, Enrique, and Guillermo, that they will step up as Christian leaders among their people.
Pray also for Elvis, who does not live in Chirani, but is a dedicated Christian. He is willing and eager to help teach and lead within this village. Pray the Lord will give him wisdom and guidance.

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