Friday, December 2, 2011

Year in Review...

This year has brought many changes to our team, and as we look back over the year, we are more grateful than ever for your prayers to the Father on our behalf.  We ask for your continued prayers as we round out 2011 and look ahead to 2012.  Here is a look at our "year in review"

Dec 20 to Jan 3 Immanuel Colorado
Dec 27 to Jan 19 OBU
Jan 2 to 29         Union University
Jan 3 to 13          McNeese
Jan 6 to 13          Ole  Miss BSU
Jan 11 to May 11 Fusion Team
Jan 17 to 29         Phillip and Rene Adams
Jan 23 to 29         Ingleside Pastors Conference
Feb 14 to 22         New Life
Feb 18 to 27     FBC Hesperia California
Feb 21 to Mar 5 Morningside Pastors Confrence
Mar 5 to Mar 12 Riverland Hills Baptist Church
Mar 6 to 12         Roebuck Baptist
March 9 to 20    Bryan Baptist Association
March 11 to 19 Humble Area Baptist Church
Mar 10 to 17         North Oxford Baptist
March 12 to 19 New River
March 12 to 19 Bethany Baptist Church
March 13 to 20 Wedgwood
Mar 15 to 21         Lincolnton / Southfork Association
March 16 to 22 Grace Richmond
Mar 17 to 25         New Bethel Baptist
March 18 to 27 Grant Avenue
March 19 to 26 FBC Callahan
March 19 to 24 George Greene Association
Mar 30 to April 17 FB Pickens Construction Group
Mar 31 to April 7 Southside Pine Bluff, AR
April 2 to 9         First Baptist Oxford
April 2 to 8         Redlane Baptist Church
April 8 to 15      George Greene Association
April 15 to 22         First Baptist Jesup, GA
April 15 to 23         Grace Baptist, KY
April 15 to 23         Crossroads Baptist Church
April 16 to 22    Parkway Baptist, Richmond, VA
April 21 to May 5 Ecru Baptist Church
April 29 to May 7 Riverland Hills Baptist Church
May 7 to May 14 Redlane Baptist Church
May 10 to May 24 Phillip and Rene Adams
May 10 to May 12 Fusion Team to Lima
May 12 to 21         Ingleside
May 15 to June 1 Immanuel Colorado
May 21 to May 28 First Baptist Yazoo City,MS YOUTH
May 21 to 28    Grace Richmond
May 22 to June 19 Southwest Baptist
May 23 to May 31 William Carey / FBC Louisville
May 22 to May 31 Adam Barker's team
May 23 to June 2 Bryan Baptist Association
May 25 to June 2 Rehoboth Baptist Association
May 28 to June 4 FBC Union, MS
May 28 to Aug 6 Morgan Blankenship
May 31 to June 8 College Street
June 1 to July 30 Summer Missionaries
June 1 to 15         Immanuel Colorado
June 3 to13         Humble Area Baptist Church
June 4 to 11         Grace Baptist, KY
June 4 to 12      Grace Richmond
June 5 to 13      FBC Quitman
June 7 to 16         Lincolnton / Southfork Association
June 7 to 16      South Carolina Baptist Conv
June 12 to 18    Lifepoint
June 14 to 27         FBC Jackson
June 15 to 23         Southside Pine Bluff, AR
June 19 to 26    Calhoun Association
June 20 to July 8 First Southern Baptist
June 21 to 28         Lincolnton / Southfork Association
June 21 to Aug 2 Lincolnton / Southfork Association
June 22 to Aug 15 Obbie Todd
June 25 to July 2 Crossroads Baptist Church
June 30 to July 14 Manna Ministries
July 2 - July 10 Jog Road Baptist
July 3-11            Morningside
July 7 to 10         Chancay River Valley Students in Lima
July 8 to 17         Grant Avenue
July 10 to 17     Ingleside
July 10 to 18         Council Road
July 12 to 21         Grace Richmond
July 14 to 23         First Baptist Pickens
July 14 to 23         FBC Starkville
July 15 to 22     Grace Baptist, KY
July 15 to 24     Bell Shoals Baptist
July 16 to 23         First Baptist Church Long Beach, MS
July 18 to Jul 31 Immanuel Colorado
July 19 to 27         South Carolina Baptist Conv
July 21 to 27         First Baptist Jesup, GA Students
Jul 29 to Aug 8 Universal City
July 30 to August 6 Redlane Baptist Church
Jul 31 to Aug 5 New River Baptist
August 1 to 10         Kershaw Baptist Association
Aug 2 to Aug 11 Six Mile Baptist Church
Aug 4 to 10         Riverland Hills Baptist Church
August 5 to 12  Parkway Baptist, Richmond, VA
Aug 5 to Aug 12 FBC Pickens
August 6 and 7 Huallaga Quechua Bible Dedication
August 13 to 19 Lifepoint
Aug 16 to 24         Grace Richmond
Aug 17 to Dec 10 Hands On: ESL Ministry
Aug 17 to Dec 10 Hands On: Women's Discipleship
Aug21 to Aug 28 Quitman Baptist
September 2 to 9 Grace Baptist, KY
September 8 to 16 Watson Chapel Baptist Church
September 9 to 17 Ingleside
September 24 to 30 George Greene Association
Sept 26 to Oct 3 Jogg Road
Sept 30 to Oct 7 Grace Baptist, KY
Sept 30 to Oct 8 Wedgwood Baptist Church
October 1 to 9         Grace Richmond
Oct 1 to 8                 Lifepoint
Oct 1 to 8            FBC Callahan
Oct 6 to 13         FBC Jesup
Oct 14 to 22         New Bethel Baptist
Oct 20 to 30         Bryan Baptist Association
Oct 21 to 30         Bell Shoals
Oct 29 to Nov 5 Roebuck
November 1 to 8 Morningside Baptist
November 1 to 16 Phillip & Rene Adams
November 4 to 11 Grant Avenue
November 5 to 11 Red Lane
November 5 to 13 Grace Richmond
November 11 to 18 Crossroads
Nov 21 to Dec1 Quitman
Dec 3 thru 10    Baptist Global Relief
December 10 to 17 Ole Miss
December 18 to 22 George Greene Association
Dec 24 to Jan 15 Immanuel Community
Dec 26 to Jan 2 Humble Area's FBC

Praise God with us in all He has done through these Strategy Coordinator Partners this past year!  Pray for perseverance and growth in the new believers and the developing maturity of emerging leaders in the areas where these churches minister.  Pray also for our faithful national partners as they work alongside of our US partners.  Pray that they will be renewed and refreshed in these "slower" months.  Continue to pray for the lost of Peru.  The fields are still white!

Please also pray for our team.  Currently REAPNorth consists of, the Olsons, Mindy McCord, Tommy Smith, the Glovers (currently on stateside assignment), and Jim Gilstrap (currently on stateside assignment).  As of January 2012, we are officially joining forces with REAPSouth and are becoming one team!  We are excited about this and are praying for a smooth transition.  Please pray also for REAPSouth team members, the Llorens, and Candy Bruce.  Pray that we will all be unified in the Spirit and consequently in our ministry.  Praise God with us as well for our amazing long-term volunteers.  What would we do without them??

Pray for this upcoming year- the changes and decisions that lay before us.  Pray also for our supervisors, Marty and Melissa Childers.  Pray for rest for them!  Pray for wisdom and guidance for them as well.

Merry Christmas to all of you!  I hope the season is bright and full of joy because of the hope that is Christ Jesus.  We are so grateful for all of you and the sweet aroma of your prayers!

Cameron Olson
Team Prayer Advocate

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello to all you beautiful prayer warriors out there! We are so thankful for your service to the Father in your prayers for our team. What would we do without your faithful intercession?

Please be praying this week for David Olson and Brian Henderson as they lead a vision trip to the Pasco area of Peru. Pasco's capital city, Cerro de Pasco is referred to as the "roof of the world" and rightly so with an elevation of 14,500ft. Pray for the teams health and safety at such a high altitude.

This group is from Watson Chapel Church from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Pray for them as they pray and look this week for what God is calling them to. Pray for clarity and opportunities to share. Pray for endurance and creativity in thinking.

Thank you all so much!
Cameron Olson

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Please be praying this week for the work in the Jauja area!!
Please pray for this group as they minister in and around Jauja, evangelizing, discipling and planting churches!

New River Baptist Church Group

Jason, John, John, Ron and translators Oscar and Juan Manuel.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Last week this team from Crossroads Church ministered in Panoa, Peru. They held a vet clinic- a unique way to get into harder to reach places and make some good contacts and share the gospel. Praise God for the work He did through this group! They were able to show the Jesus film in Pachitea Quechua! How exciting for this people group to see this film in their own language. Pray that the contacts made will be followed up with by local believers and the work will continue and the ministry flourish! Praise the Lord!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Good News from the Jungle!

News from our teammates, Jeremy and Crystal Nelson:

Humble Area First Baptist Church, TX made a video of their March 2011 trip. They provided leadership for a leadership development/training as well as an eye clinic. It was a really amazing trip and I'm so glad they put together a video of some of those moments. Jeremy Nelson and the team were able to begin some solid Biblical teaching with believers, pass out Bibles in URARINA!!, have a Urarina pastor baptize someone for the first time and much more! Praise the Lord for what he is doing among the Urarina.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pray for Freddy!

Almost two weeks ago, after our weekly Bible study, our friend and newest translator accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!

Please pray for Freddy in his new walk of faith:

*for his strength to persevere

*to grow closer in his relationship
with Christ each day

*to be a bold and shining light representing Christ to his friends, family, and others

* for his obedience in following God's Word

* for wisdom and discernment in what God wants him to do with his future

Thanks for your prayers! Thanks to God for Freddy's decision to follow Him!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Iquitos Summer Missionaries

Megan, Jennifer, Sarah and Sydney are serving in Iquitos this summer as summer missionaries, working with translators, teaching ESL classes and sharing the love of Christ with the people they meet.

Please pray for them this week as they begin teaching their first classes.