Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bryan Baptist Association (Durant, OK) reaching the Iquito People

Pray for : Jacob, David, Brandon, Christian, Rachel, Lauren, Joshua, Shaun and Richard, as well as their translators Elias, David and new comer Merina. They will be going to the Iquito communities of San Antonio and Nueva Atalaya and ministering there from May 24 to May 31.

Pray for the two Bibles studies that were started earlier this year in Nueva Atalaya, that the team's visit will be encouraging and up lifting to both the men's and women's groups. Pray for new work to be started in San Antonio and for the leadership in the church there. The Pastor is very old, hard of hearing, and almost blind, which makes it very difficult for him to learn new information or study his Bible. The two "co-pastors" there have major issues- one will alcoholism and the other is also the town's practicing witch-doctor. Neither have any desire to learn more about the Bible or its teachings. These "co-pastors" are also the son-in-laws to the Pastor all of which were "named" into leadership before there was any missionary involvement from Bryan Baptist. Pray for the team as they sort through these major issues in San Antonio and seek the Lord's wisdom in dealing with theses on-going complicated situations.

Pray that the team will be able to seek out a person of peace in San Antonio and for new believers to come from this trip, ones with a willingness and hunger for learning God's Word and following Him daily.

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