Wednesday, February 16, 2011

REAP North Translator Ministry

By: Felicia Henderson

Thanks to God and to the many prayers being lifted up, my leg is on the mend. For those of you that don't know, I broke it in 3 places and tore a tendon when going down a small mountain slope to a riverbed in November, where I was going to watch 4 new Believers be baptized. After surgery, a blood clot, and the removal of one of the screws, I am on the mend. Little by little, I am relearning to walk. Please pray for my ankle/leg to continue to strengthen; pray for the blood clot to dissolve.

Next week, our classes will start off full blast again with Peruvian students and translators. Since our term will be ending in June, this will be our last term to teach these precious people English lessons and Bible studies. Please pray that God speaks through us to convey the truth about salvation and uses us to disciple each student.

Teams are beginning to trickle in in February. Please pray for God to work in and through the following translators that will be sent out soon with teams from FB Hesperia, Jog Road, Morningside, and Woodland Hills: Robert, Maria R., Noemi, Carlos V., Gladys M., Alejandro, and JB.

One of our new translators, Juan Manuel, has a special prayer request for his cousin. I told him that I would share it with you so that you may also pray: "My three-year-old cousin has a birth defect called imperforate anus, and as the name implies, she has not had an anus since she was born and has a hole in her abdomen as a means through which she defecates." She had surgery this past week on the 12th to surmount the abnormality. Please pray for healing that only our Maker can give! Pray for the doctors, staff, and parents as they care for her.

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