Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Ten things a "missionary / team leader" would love to hear from a short-term volunteer:


1) How could we be praying specifically for this upcoming trip?

2) What resources would you recommend I use to learn about the culture?

3) Are there any greetings or phrases in the local language that I should learn?

4) What can I bring to you from the US?


5) What can I do to help?

6) Am I doing anything culturally inappropriate?

7) How can I pray for you today as you lead our team?

8) I’m not going to finish these (insert name of American candy here) – do you want them?

9) As I talk/email/blog about this trip, what information can I share and what information should I not share?


10) How can I encourage and continue praying for you?

Kari Masson is a media consultant and member of the Skybridge Community living in Lyon, France.

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