Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Please pray for REAP North's ESL (English as a Second Language) students and translators. Each week, we have four classes that are open to the public and to translators: 2 intermediate level, 1 advanced level, and 1 Bible study. Students participate in grammar, pronunciation, reading, conversation and listening skills. At the end of each class (with the exception of the Bible study class), Christian music and a story from the Bible is shared and discussed. During our Bible study class, we are reading and discussing Experiencing God; many insightful questions are being asked, and testimonies are being shared.

We need YOU to pray for the following requests:
* students/translators who are weak in their foundation of Christ to be strengthened

* students/translators to grow in HIM daily and share the Gospel with fellow family members and friends

* students/translators who do not know Christ as their Savior to come to know HIM

* translators to effectively communicate, translate, and be a witness as they share with people groups in the mountains, jungles, and throughout Peru

* teachers (Felicia & Brian) as God speaks through each of them and their children (Skylar & Sydney) as they teach and mentor the students and translators

* all of our safety and health as we travel across the city to get to classes and to our destinations when we are journeying with teams

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