Saturday, March 12, 2011

Huallaga Quechua ~ Recap

First let me say that I could never create a story on my own that would describe our trip last week with the Riverland Hills Church. I don’t think the most creative writer of fiction could either. It was an adventure that few have experienced and only the obedient and faithful could survive. This past week 14 Believers and an incredible group of Huallaga Quechua and Spanish translators presented themselves for service in Huánuco. They were continuously challenged by:
1. rain and more rain
2. mud and more mud
3. illness,
4. thievery
5. oxygen levels at elevations of 13,000 feet (only 63% of what you are probably breathing right now)
6. unfamiliar food
7. 6 hours (minimum) of travel daily on single lane roads where one couldn’t lean over far enough to see the bottom
8. trucks and taxis stuck in the road and blocking the way
9. an incompetent missionary driver who backed into a ditch (name withheld by request)
10. fatigue
11. cancelled flights
12. and I know I have left something out!

All were rewarded with occasional sunshine, breathtaking views, friendly people, smiling faces of children, barley coffee, and fresh boiled potatoes.

But more importantly, they were rewarded with continuous protection by the One who called them to GO. It is only by God’s power we can do anything. One person said he believed that the enemy did not want us to be there as we were constantly being attacked. I hesitate to give any kind of “credit” to the enemy but in this case I must agree. And these are the kinds of places we must go to.

The teams’ response, in spite all of the above, was to begin planning another trip to this area. This is what God’s people do and in doing so glorify Him.

Again, thank you for your prayers and I hope you are going to places where you aren’t wanted! ; )

(The above picture was taken in Llacsa at the medical clinic. It is at least 4 hours from town, at the end of the road and at an elevation approaching 13,000 feet. There is a very modest church building there but no resident remembers a worship service ever occurring or a priest visiting the village.)


  1. amazing! Good thing we were praying for you all! God is Sovereign! Nothing is impossible with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Praise and glory go to Him in all things! Thank you LORD! for Your hand at work touching lives and drawing people to yourself.

  2. David...was in deacons meeting last night at Riverland Hills and had the opportunity to speak for a couple of minutes about our trip. The main point I wanted to make to them was that I saw God work day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute. No way was satan going to win. I am personally looking forward to the next trip. Not sure who the incompetent driver was...I figure if we all got home safely somebody was doing something right!