Thursday, July 1, 2010

Full of Journeys for our Savior

As the teams pour into Lima and venture to villages in northern Peru, we hope that you continue to lift up participants, M's, the people who will hear the Gospel, and the translators.

Although we are still busy assigning translators to teams for the month of July, here are a few of the names that you can lift up to our Father to have team unity, strength, courage (it's the first time translating for a few newbies!), comprehension and clear communication, to be focused on our Father & filled abundantly with His Spirit, good health, and traveling safety:

Gladys M., Luis V., Wagner, Maria, Ruben, Javier, JB, Margarita, Mijail, JP, Adin, Andrea, Eva, Alejandro, Ofelia, Emanuel, Joyce, Claudia, Gustavo, Cristina, Frank, Freddy, Abigail, Carlos V., Eric, Humberta, Hector, Maria Cecilia, Marina, Elizabeth, Adaia, Jhon, Clara, Miguel L., Stefany, Noemi, Moises, and Gladys R.

Many have only had a few days break (if that) and are returning on multiple journeys.

Thanks for your prayers!!

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