Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update from the Ole Miss team working with the Ashaninka.

For only two more weeks in Chirani, a lot sure has happened. Our team is down to eight: Josh Martin, Kyle Reeder, Mijail Urruchi (translator), Ali Daniel, Aracelli Vicuna (translator), Emilee Taylor, Haley Walton, and me. We are in a larger town for the day to rest, take showers, that kind of stuff, and hope to return to Chirani with a rejuvinated spirit.

We are seeing God work in the young one's lives through time spent in the school. We are teaching English, bible stories, singing praise songs, and even learning Scripture! In the afternoon, the teenagers have more personal English class and surprisingly many of the young men have been attending. Our prayer is that through meeting this community need of learning English, their most important need can be met, and that being the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Women's bible study has ignited! They are really starting to open up and enjoy discussing stories from the bible. Last week we read Scripture about prayer and how to pray. I guess they were expecting a written out prayer that they had to recite in order for God to hear them, but after the meeting, each women prayed! Miriam, the woman of peace, even prayed for the community service that night, with boldness. It was beautiful.
We asked the core men believers (Enrique, Richard, and Isaias) how often they wanted to continue the evening worship services, and they replied with "every night". Wow! So we have continued with the reading of His word every night. Last night, Enrique preached at the service. This was pretty huge! Almost the entire service was lead by them! Pray for this to continue; and that we can just attend the services.

The guys are continuing working hard in the fields, cutting grass, and meeting with the men of Chirani (some of us girls have helped too :) ) This has allowed many conversations to happen and just the chance to share Scripture with them.

It is apparent that God is here and at work. It's been a constant battle against the enemy. Satan has tried to get his foot in many things, but with God's strength and wisdom we continue to do the work He has called us to do.
The next two weeks, we pray that those leaders in the community will continue to rise up and that we would solely to be there for encouragement and in constant prayer for them. Paul's letters to the church of Thessalonians have been my daily prayer. I encourage you to make it yours too for Chirani. We are to be the mother that nurtures (1 Thess 2:7), a father that encourages and urges (2:11), and a model for them to follow ( 2 Thess 3:9). That they would accept the word of God for what it actually is and not as the word of men. (1 Thess 2:13).

I am so thankful for your prayers.

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