Friday, June 11, 2010

San Jose de Quero Student Update

Cameron (a REAP missionary) has taught us to cook from scratch and how to buy our food at the market. So we will see when she leaves how much we actually learned. Besides making contacts and getting used to SJQ we have visited many other nearby towns like Usibamba, Santa Rosa, Chaquicocha and hope to spend time ministering in all of these places. The second day we were here people from these cities were here to get ID´s for the children and we were able to play with the kids and share bible stories to them as well. We also had four people accept Christ that day which is why we wanted to be able to visit these places to do follow ups and some discipling.

We had our first bible study last night that was so sweet there were about 9 people from SJQ that came and then our group.

Also we decided to go visit the school to see if there was a way we could get involved there and God had everything planned as soon as we walked in we met with the prinicipal who was excited to let us teach english using the bible. Yesterday we went to get a schedule and ended up teaching for three hours, although it was stressful our team pulled it together and are currently praying about how much time we would like to spend there.
God is really stretching our team and challenging us with this new lifestyle but we are all adapting just fine with no sickness glory to God. We are having such spirit filled team devotions and everything is going so smoothly as of now.
We would like prayer for how to go about working in the school, open doors for people in every town we visit, and that relationships develope fast so that we can begin to really know there lives and use the bible to guide them in the right direction. We are thanking God for the salvations that He has allowed and for the many more to come.

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