Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pray for REAP North's Translators!!!!

God has blessed us with some very awesome translators! 'Tis the season that many teams and groups are traveling to Peru from the U.S.A. to share the Gospel with people in the mountain and jungle villages of northern Peru. As you pray for these groups and people groups who need to hear about HIM, please do not forget to pray for REAP North's translators.

Pray for their strength to endure long days and weeks, sometimes even more than a month at a time, of translating!
Pray for traveling safety and health during these journeys.
Pray for concentration to listen, comprehend, and to communicate in two languages for long periods of time.
For those who may not know Christ as their Savior, please pray that God will do a great work in them that they may come to know Him!
Pray that each translator grow closer to Christ each day as He works in and through them.

We have many new translators that are going out for their very first time! Pray for peace (some are very nervous) and for God to speak through them!

These are names of translators that you can pray over that will be working between NOW and the first of July (some will work more than one trip!):
Mijail, Aracelli, Humberta, Roberto H., Moises, Gladys R., Noemi, Raul, Mayra, Stefany, J.P., Eric, Frank, Carlos V., America, Diana, Eva, Oscar, Walter, Gladys M., Josue, Luis V., Clara, Alejandro, Ruben, Wagner, Carolina, Javier, Miguel L., Jhon, J.B., Rocio, Ana, Ofelia, Roberto E., Carmen, Maria Cecilia, Marina, Joyce, Ricardo, Rosa, and Margarita.

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