Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pray for the Ambo area...

This week there have been two mudslides close to Huánuco, one south in the Ambo Quechua area and one north in the Panao Quechua area. A highland lake overflowed about 20 kilometers above the city of Ambo and brought down a mudslide that took out a large number of homes. The death count is still unknown, but its probably somewhere around 50. We know that 8 families of a local church lost everything. The associate pastor of the church was away at the time, but his wife and three young children were all lost to the mudslide. Please pray for the families of the victims and for all of the churches that will be helping in the relief effort.

Cancejos is a small town in the Panao Quechua area where a mudslide has covered at least 55 homes. Death count is also unknown. We do know of one pastor who was killed. He has been an influential pastor in the ministry to indigenous Quechuans and has also aided in the translation of the Bible into this Quechua dialog. Please pray for his family, his flock, and all those who are impacted by this mudslide. Please pray for all of the believers helping provide relief in this area.

To Him be all Glory,

David and Cameron Olson

REAP North Peru

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