Friday, March 12, 2010

Pray for the team from North Oxford Baptist Church...

They are working in an Ashaninka village this week. Pray that our bible teaching through stories will be effective and that we will lay a good foundation for a church to be planted in this village.

From North Oxford...Fish Robinson, Diane Conner, Ronnie Conner, Guy Billups, Zachary Brent, Michael Buise, James Caldwell, Rhianna Garrett, Jonathan Hollis, Konner Horton, Thatianne Moreira, Anna Wells, Kristin McKay, Shelby Craton, William Dewey.

Interpreters...Ara, Carlos, Anibal, and Noemi.

REAP North team members...Jeff Holeman, Mindy McCord, Sandi Bridges.

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