Monday, March 1, 2010

Nueva Atalaya in the Amazon

God is doing some amazing things in the village of Nueva Atalaya in the Amazon! Please pray specifically for Doris, a committed believer in the community. She is an amazing women, who truly loves the Lord and is thirsty to learn more and more about our Savior. She wants to reach
out to the women in her community, but often feels insignificant and unable. (But she can!) Pray for her strength and endurance as she seeks to reach out to the other women. She also asked us to pray for her four oldest children, who right now, are not walking with the Lord. It is breaking her heart. Pray they will come to understand what it truly means to give your life to

Pray also for a family in that same village, Alejandro, Sonia, and their kids, Anita and Abel. They are not Christians, but have shown increasing interest in the gospel. Alejandro admits that the reason he and his wife have not made a commitment is they are scared. Alejandro and Sonia told us, that if they decide to give their lives to Christ, they will make the decision together. I know God is working on their hearts. Please pray for them to leave that fear behind and take the step they know they should.

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