Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update on Luis & Team Traveling- Amazon Region

Thank you for praying for Luis after his snake bite. He has pretty much made a full recovery. His right leg is still a little weaken but the doctor said that should clear up sometime this week. He is so thankful for everyones prayers and concern for him, foe his wellbeing and for his family. Luis is a faithful believer that helps the REAP North-Iquitos team tremendously. He also acts as a translator for many of our teams that work in this area. Thank you again for your prayers.

Luis is back up on the saddle this week and is out in the jungle again only a week after his accident. He's out assisting two semester volunteers with research and discipleship among the Iquito people group. The team returns Feb 26th to Iquitos. They would appreciate your prayers during their trip as well.

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